Chapter+3+(Half+of+it) - Chapter 3 Types and Traits...

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Types and Traits Summary: Personality types refer to discrete categories of people that have similar features of characteristics (physically, psychologically, or behaviorally) -One of the most important typologies—has grouped ppl into introverts and extroverts: Carl Jung divided people into two types: introverts (withdrawn, shy) and extroverts (sociable, outgoing) Traits are basic, stable qualities of the person. Unlike types, traits are continuous dimensions on which individual differences may be arranged Trait theorists conceptualize traits as underlying properties, qualities, or processes that exist in persons Trait constructs have been used to account for observed behavioral consistencies within persons and for the behavioral differences among them Additional info: Behavior is determined by stable generalized traits-basic qualities of the person that express themselves in many contexts Search to identify the person’s basic stable and consistent traits or characteristics is the goal at this level Simplicity that makes typologies appealing also reduces their value—it is hard to place a person to a single slot Most traits are measured on continuous dimensions like “friendliness”— differences may be arranged quantitatively in terms of the degree of the quality the person has Traits are assumed to be quantifiable and scalable: Scalable—a trait is a certain quality or attribute and different individuals have different degrees of it In the simplest meaning, “trait” refers to consistent difference between
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Chapter+3+(Half+of+it) - Chapter 3 Types and Traits...

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