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Chapter+4 - link between the type of behavior and the type...

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Chapter 4 Traits, Situations and the Personality Paradox - People do not show consistent results of behavior across a variety of different situations. -Because of this personality paradox, researchers could either say that the the situation was just something that altered the true personality or they could say that it did have some great significance. -Person vs. Situation Debate: Situationism : the fact that the situation is the most important guideline for personality . - This view also proposed the fundamental attribution error , which means laypeople ignore the role of the situation and invoke inaccurate personality dispositions upon people. The other end of the spectrum was the Trait Theorists who support cross situational consistency. Incorporating Situations into Traits -Personality may be seen both in the overall average frequency of behaviors and in the
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Unformatted text preview: link between the type of behavior and the type of situation in which it occurs. - There is an overall consistency in personality but also the when and where it occurs plays a huge role ( if…then…pattern) -In other words, there is a consistency in inconsistency. -Consistency in average tendencies and distinctive if…then…patterns. -Measures of traits are often not able to predict single acts, but can predicted a pooled combo of behaviors across different situations. Interactionism in Personality -the idea that the individual’s behaviors are the product of dynamic interactions between personality and the psychological environment and not just the result of separate personal and situational factors. -some try to categorize people into triple typologies: types of people, types of behaviors and types of situations....
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