Chapter+5+(Part+1) - CHAPTER 5 Part 1 (pgs. 95 110)...

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CHAPTER 5 – Part 1 (pgs. 95 – 110) HEREDITY AND PERSONALITY Behavioral Genetics – rapidly growing field that studies the role of genes in social behavior and personality. Genetic Bases of Personality The Human Genome : The Genetic Heritage o Inside DNA: The Basic Information DNA (deoxyriboneucleotides) Made up of 23 pairs of chromosomes and contain the genetic heritage of each human being. A long string of small units called nucleotides There are only four types of nucleotides: A, T, G, and C. o Not Really a Blueprint DNA is popularly described as a “blueprint,” this is inaccurate. If the DNA is identical in each and every cell in your body, why do some become nerve cells, while others become skin cells? Suggested Analogy: The textbook while it is sitting in your backpack or on a bookshelf. It contains a plethora of information that is unused. When you choose to read it, you read a specific chapter in something that contains much more information. o DNA-Environmental Interactions The “reading” of DNA is determined by factors of the surrounding cells. A specific proteins read specific parts of the DNA.
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Chapter+5+(Part+1) - CHAPTER 5 Part 1 (pgs. 95 110)...

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