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Chapter 9 (Pages 209-221) POST-FREUDIAN PSYCHODYNAMICS (PD) Neo &/or Post (Freudians) or E go psychologists are all the same thing-People who took Freud’s PD and molded the focus and shape in crucial ways. (A lot of them left out the sexual instincts of the Id and psychosexual stages.) More concentration on the ego and self. Ego has functions relative to unconscious motivations. (Basic human drives) Human development is a continuous that extends through all of life. Personality is a lifelong development. It is rooted in social and relations in society. It is NOT due to a drama in the early years of life with a family member. Anna Freud – Ego Defense Mechanisms (Most analysts view these as core of PD) Process of defense is continuous conflict between impulses, which is transformed into something acceptable. Repression -Pushing conflict into unconscious (beyond awareness) Projection- Unacceptable aspects of oneself attributed to someone else Reaction Formation -Replacing anxiety producing impulse with opposite in conscious
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Chapter+9+(Part+1) - Chapter 9 (Pages 209-221)...

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