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Personality Assessment social cognitive theories and research influenced both personality assessment and therapies aimed at personality change. Social cognitive assessment is: 1. Assessment is specific, focused on specific cognitions, feelings and behavior in relation to particular types of situations, rather than on descriptions with situation-free, broad trait terms.Focus reflects the view that the expression of the personality system and the person’s goals and motivations are seen in “if. . then” personality signatures, not just in overall levels of different types of behavior. 2. assessments try to identify the implications for constructive personality change or treatment. thus aimed at identifying the psychological person variable that might be modified (ex) enhancing efficacy expectancies through relevant efficacy-building experiences ---- used in weight control in anorexic patients etc.) 3. personality assessors in social cognitive approach also seek to identify the underlying person variables and proceses that seem to account for the individual’s stable behavior patterns, and tend to conceptualize these underlying variables in relatively specific (rather than global) terms. 4. assessor obtain self-reports, ratings, and other data to infer the particular person variable as directly and specifically as possible. Some also try to observe behavior as it occurs naturally. Measuring Self-efficacy expectancies : self-efficacy important in social cognitive theories : self efficacy measures are particularly useful b/c they tend to predict the relevant behaviors very accurately : always about a specific domain - ex) ability to control weight, to approach a feared object Individual differences in “If. . then” signatures - Mechelen : used concept of “if. .then” signatures to classify ppl into different types based on
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Chapter+14+(Part+2) - Personality Assessment social...

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