Chapter+18 - Chapter 18: Personality in its Social Context...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 18: Personality in its Social Context and Culture Culture and Personality- trait researchers are trying to map the big fve dimensions across all cultures to show that they are applicable to all people. This research has shown that there are overall diFFerences in big fve dimensions between cultures.- it has also been shown that within culture variability is greater than between culture variability For many behaviors- Individual vs. Collective cultures o Individualism : selF is viewed as autonomous, Focus is on personal goals o Collectivism : selF is defned in the context oF its culture, tied to Family, Friends and society o This term only re¡ects the population oF a culture on average, and not the individual characteristics oF people- Culture is a “ shared meaning system ”: this includes views oF what the world is like and what diFFerent situations call For what behaviors- Contains Feelings about the selF and relationships, goals, emotions, standards etc. each oF these is called a “unit oF culture” similar to cognitive-aFFective units in the “personality system” (ch 16) these units defne what values, goals etc. are more readily and chronically accessible- These are only applied in culturally defned situations, not necessarily applicable to all situations.- Culture diFFerences can be expressed in “iF…then” models- These diFFerences can even be Found in subcultures- English and Chen Found that Asian-Americans view themselves as more...
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Chapter+18 - Chapter 18: Personality in its Social Context...

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