Day+1+-+Introduction,+20th+Jan - Start with Freud...

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“Woah! She s got Personality!” Personality is not equal to Charisma Also related to Developmental, Abnormal, Clinical, Social, Sociology, Neuroscience, Genetics. Big Connection to other fields. Different versions of you expressed in that context 1. In some respects, you are like ALL other people - Theory - Random Assingment 2. In some respects, you are like only some other people - Study of Individual Differences - Classifying you on a basis of factor and placing in a group Example: Defensiveness 3. In some respects, you are like NO other people - Individuality - Unique to each individual and therefore difficult to predict. “THE SELF” Are you exactly the same person as you were 5 years ago? What has changed? Only superficial or more profound? Value, traits, attitudes, emotional styles, relationships? What has changed?
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Unformatted text preview: Start with Freud.- Everything about your nature is self-determined- You are out of control. What is in control is inside of you BEHAVIOR THEORY- Behavior is determined- Yes, everything is determined but it is determined by environment, EXTERNAL SOURCES Both traditions evolved Theories of Neo-Freud (after Freud) Neo Behaviorists Cognitive Behavior Approaches (CBG) Therapy Third Wave in Psychology- Humanistic- Existential Approach (Existentialism) Trait Theory --> Point # 2 Freud, Neo-Freud --> Theorists, not science but Behaviorism began with science. Animal studies, scientific approach. Humanistic, Existential --> Again, not in science. Disconnect from didactic and our own experiences....
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Day+1+-+Introduction,+20th+Jan - Start with Freud...

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