Day+2+-+Freud,+Jan+25th - Are there constituent parts to...

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Unformatted text preview: Are there constituent parts to personality that are fundamental to human nature? Fundamental Human Needs/ Motivations 1. Human Connection- Warmth Belonging a. Need of a little child for some degree of cuddling, soothing. Non-harsh interaction with other humans. Human warmth. b. Harry Harlow Studies - hungry baby chimpanzees, cage with mom balloon boobies while hanging onto hard wire OR same wire monkey covered with terry cloth but no milk. They are much more likely to spend more time with the terry cloth monkey with whom they can cuddle even though they are hungry. c. 2. Autonomy/ Freedom a. Need for human connection and yet at the same moment to be able to separate for a little bit. i. Not comfortable being held in a straight jacket, even if it is padded. Humans don ’ t like being coerced or forced into doing things. Self determination, freedom - even in the context of close relations ii. 3. Competence/ Control /Mastery a. Little kid trying to ¡gure out how to open door b. Hone your skills, develop talent, achieve i. Becoming known for achievement 1. Not always studious... Running naked through Times Square to be “known” falls under Human Connection....
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Day+2+-+Freud,+Jan+25th - Are there constituent parts to...

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