Day+4+-+Freud+contd+pt+2,+Feb+1st - February 1st Freud...

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Unformatted text preview: February 1st Freud Continued, Part 2.- Set in concrete during 5 years of life, not inuenced by anything that happens subsequently - Dreams are strange- You can be both yourself and your father at the same time- You can be both present and not present at the same time- You can be both a little child and be your own age- Primary Process Thinking- Not inuenced by constraints of reality. - Secondary Process Thinking- Functions more rationally, more sequential- Something you are seeking but logical clarication of what it is- Pleasure Principle that guides Id- Reality Principle that guides Ego- Every single bit of the id is unconscious- Rather signicant portion of ego is unconscious- Superego is also in part unconscious - Ego is weak Fixation Partial Fixation Over/under gratifed at particular stage Shoves the psychosexual conFict into unconscious. Later on in lie, an experience similar to the conFict will set o a trigger that will dominate your experience. Example: I you re fxated at the oral stage and can t gain the satisaction you re seeking, you ll engage in interjection : forming a mental image of this creature that provides the gratication. I you were over gratifed you d be clamoring or more attention, i you were under gratifed you would be inept, people would need to come to your rescue. would need to come to your rescue....
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Day+4+-+Freud+contd+pt+2,+Feb+1st - February 1st Freud...

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