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Day+5+-+Sullivan+Self+System,+Feb+3rd - February 3rd...

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February 3rd Sullivan Self System - Form a representation of self . - You are also mentally representing the relationship . - Specifics learned... like how mother reacts when you cry. - Unique Dynamic Interplay - Learning how to interact with mom - Interpersonal interaction represented in memory. Freud has Drive Structure Model - he assumed they existed in a structural way in the mind. Sullivan has Self System ... He saw the systems as energy transformations, they re not frozen in time. - Whole nature of self fundamentally embedded in social life, in those relationships that have mattered most to you in your life so far. - Nature of personality and self in each of these individual relationships. - The way you feel in one relationship is not identical to another. - Pre-conscious. - Self System is conscious but the NOT-ME is unconscious. Shove that part of self outside of awareness. - Looks like Freud s repression (but no psychosexual content) - By shoving Not-Me into unconscious, you develop sense of conscious self in opposition to that. - For example... Boy starts crying (maybe his friend moved away or something), Dad gets angry that his boy is crying (boys don t cry). Boy shoves it out of his
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