Day+6+-+Sullivan+continued,+Behaviorists+Feb+8th - February...

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Unformatted text preview: February 8th Sullivan continued... Prototaxic- raw, baby talk, no shared meaning Parataxic- rudimentary symbol systems Syntaxic- understand same words, shared meanings 1. From Sullivan ’ s point of view, the prototaxic stage is completely outside of awareness because it is not symbolized by language.- Consciousness to a large degree is dependent on language . - Arise into consciousness will be harder if you have no words to label it. 2. Parataxic more accessible because you have some sort of “language” even thought it may make sense only to you. 3. More possible for things to arise into conscious mind during syntaxic stage. We are all experiencing all of these modalities all of the time. There is tons of stuff we experience that gets relegated to the unconscious. Sullivan has a different model for the nature of the unconscious, the content of it, and why it is there. Unconscious according to FREUD Nature? Content? Why? De¡ned by libido Negative and scary Because it is threatening Unconscious according to SULLIVAN Nature? Content? Why?...
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Day+6+-+Sullivan+continued,+Behaviorists+Feb+8th - February...

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