Day+7+-+Skinner+and+Behaviorism - Skinner and Behaviorism...

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Unformatted text preview: Skinner and Behaviorism Insight versus Implementation Psychodynamic theories: Gaining insight into conficts Behavioral: Implementation (They say it ’ s neither necessary nor suF¡cient to just gain insight; you can do without it) Skinner Operant/Instrumental Conditioning We don ’ t need to know what ’ s going on inside the head. Behavior is controlled by its consequences . Operant: Randomly emitted behavior, not elicited. Reinforcement: Increase probability oF behavior occurring again. A REINFORCEMENT IS EMPIRICALLY DEFINED. It ’ s not just what we think a reward is, it has to be empirically determined. What constitutes a reinForcement? Anything that increases the behavior. Shaping by successive approximations (¢or example: Tossing Food pellets to a dog until they get “shake” right) Punishment is not a reinForcement. Decreases the probability oF behavior occurring again. Negative Reinforcement is NOT punishment....
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Day+7+-+Skinner+and+Behaviorism - Skinner and Behaviorism...

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