Day+10+-+Existentialism+and+Research+Terms -...

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Unformatted text preview: Existentialism, continued... - Born with social forces acting upon you- People are thrown or shaped (like a pot) by the forces of social history . - Becoming aware or forces acting upon you and constructing your own belief system through which you make choices. - Consciousness, Choice, Responsibility . “ Bad faith ” (Jean Paul Sartre - philosopher not a psychologist) Example: - Throwing self into a relationship to avoid answering questions and take on identity of the other person.- If you don ’ t care about politics at all, and are in a room with people having a political conversation while you ’ re worrying about life, and you throw yourself into the political conversation to avoid answering your own questions. - Throwing yourself into something ( a political movement (not same as choice to join a system), or relationship for example) in an aim to quell the Ontological Anxiety (Rollo May ’ s term) Necessary condition is to not compromise your own humanity . There are no prescriptions about how to behave, but you...
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Day+10+-+Existentialism+and+Research+Terms -...

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