Day+12+-+Social+Cognition,+contd - For Midterm on...

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Unformatted text preview: For Midterm on Wednesday: Bring a number 2 pencil and an eraser. Social Cognition Exemplars Who is a person/set of people that are important in your life? Mental representation of not just a mental concept or noun concept but of a Signifcant Other ... signifcant impact on who you are (Regardless of how big of an impact) You are emotionally invested in them. Similar to Sullivan : Building blocks of personality are located in most important personal relationships you have had. When you see someone with a minimal similarity (anything from a laugh to their gait to their hairstyle) to your signicant other (let s call her Sarah) the memory of the signicant other (Sarah) will be activated and the mental representation will be applied to the new person. Lens through which you now see this new person. Begin to make inFerences about this new person that have nothing to do with them, but instead derive from Sarah....
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Day+12+-+Social+Cognition,+contd - For Midterm on...

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