Day+13+-+Cognition+and+Emotion - March 22nd COGNITION AND...

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COGNITION AND EMOTION Is Cognition or interpretation what causes/precedes emotion? COG --> EMO - It s easy for us to talk ourselves into emotional states - Retrieve various ideas about self - Even if things are stated in a generic way, if you go through self statements that get worse and worse you can talk yourself into despondency. (Not clinical depression but influences mood state) - Example: 1. I was really excited to get to NY, life was so great! 2. But when I got here I realized it wasn t as easy to make friends 3. Actually, I don t have many friends. 4. I m working hard, but I can t even get good grades. 5. So I m pretty lonely and stupid. 6. Actually, life kinda sucks. Yeah, FML. But it can also go the other way. EMO --> COG - Put in experimental condition where you re induced to feel sad, and then shown a paragraph from a story. What will you remember? Tend to be things that are consistent with your mood state. ( Inducing emotion ) - Mood Congruent Memory - Use Music - People listen to music and then see effects. - But there are confounding factors - if lyrics are depressing then you re being induced to have a negative mood state, cognitive memories are being primed through words. - So use music with no words? - But if you
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Day+13+-+Cognition+and+Emotion - March 22nd COGNITION AND...

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