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- Emotions are biological in nature, not just appraisal that is producing response. - Eckman and Facial Feedback have quite a bit in common with Zajon - I ! m experiencing sadness and my mouth is in a frown. - While experiencing this emotion, feeling multiple states - Autobiographical retrieval from memory - When you ! re sad you ! re more likely to retrieving memories that are sad and to interpret things as being sad. - Each time you experience facial expression, you have also experienced cognitions and emotions. - So “pencil in mouth” is not only a biological thing, it is also because of a paired associate relationship. Jim Russell Basic Affect Your very ±rst response to a stimulus is located on a scale of negative to positive. - Relatively automatic - Comes to mind quickly - Positive or Negative. John Bargh - Like it or dislike it. - Constantly assigning evaluative tags to everything encountered. - Like chairs or don ! t like chairs; like smelly person or don ! t like smelly person; etc - Irrational positive or negative responses to trivial stimuli
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Day+14+-+Emotions+contd - " March 24th, 2010 -...

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