Day+16+-+Self+Contd - Self-AfFrmation Theory (Steele) If...

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Unformatted text preview: Self-AfFrmation Theory (Steele) If you believe you re great at psychology and this is important to you, and you encounter a threat that says you re not so great at psych (eg: a bad test) It s Inconsistent and negative Self enhancement needs and self consistency needs (look back at self veriFcation theory) You re not going to take this threat sitting down... How does one respond? - You can grit your teeth and hunker down (I m gonna try even harder, look back at all the material, understand what were the problems, etc etc) - After interruption, you resume commitment to goal by working harder to maintain your belief.- Be thinking about investing energy in another domain that s important to you. - Activate another aspect of self to make yourself feel better.- Escape from Self Self-Completion Theory (Gollwitzer) Energizing Goal/Blocked Stereotype Vulnerability Model (or Stereotype Threat Model) Multiple levels of self....
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Day+16+-+Self+Contd - Self-AfFrmation Theory (Steele) If...

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