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Day+16+-+Self+Contd+(Second+Version) - Consequences of...

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Consequences of holding particular beliefs about the self (self schema) Self-enhance needs etc. Self-Affirmation Theory (Steele) - model about how people deal with inconsistent information - mixture of self consistency and self enhancency needs - how we deal with threats to the self. What constitutes as a threat to the self? Every bit of information you encounter that is discrepant to how you see yourself, particularly in a specific domain. Ex. Believe that you are academically excellent at psychology If you encounter a threat communicates to you, you do not have an aptitude at class or what not. Threat: Inconsistent AND negative then it evokes both self consistency and self enhancency needs. Threat provides an interruption/frustration/challenge that leads you to stop and minimally go: UGH. I don’t like this. What do you do in response to this threat? You ARE going to do something in response to that threat . Some of the different ways, one can respond: 1) Grit your teeth, hunker down and say I’m going to try even harder, work/ get advice, look back at the material – RESUME COMMITTMENT to the SELF SCHEMA/IDEA/GOAL by working harder to achieve that goal. In order to maintain the idea and not have to give it up. 2) Because you have many aspects of your self – ACTIVATE ANOTHER ASPECT OF SELF that is also very compelling to you. And you could DEINVEST yourself a little bit from the FIRST idea (i.e. good at psychology) and INSTEAD, invest more energy in ANOTHER DOMAIN that is also important to you (i.e. good at painting). Recourse and BOLSTERING another part of yourself, on the basis of identifying with and thinking about how much it matters to you that you have another piece of you. IDENTIFY LESS (DISIDENTIFICATION) with the psych part of you and instead, FOCUS ENERGY on another thing that matters to you. these two convictions are competing with each other
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3) Escape from the self all together. Self medicate, take drugs, allow you to give you the opportunity to diminish your self awareness, your self medication Any one of the three possibilities can happen. He has evidence to show this depending on circumstances. The model doesn’t say that one of these will have PRIORITY over another.
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Day+16+-+Self+Contd+(Second+Version) - Consequences of...

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