Day+17+-+Depression - Sources of Self Knowledge - Modeling...

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- Modeling - Within family, neighborhood, school. .. learn what is appropriate and possible. - Significant Others - “Affordances” : who you are and who you can be. - Reinforcement 1. Symbolic Interactionism 2. Social Cognition Theory 3. Self Perception Theory Symbolic Interactionism - Sociology - G.H Meade - By placing yourself in another person s shoes, you see yourself objectively. - The Looking Glass Self - Look at other people and their presumed views of you as if you are looking in a mirror and getting an outside view of who you are. - My capacity to engage in the operation that allows me to see myself from a variety of points of view. - Subtlety - More about process than content - View others have of you not the same as view you have of you - What you believe they believe is associated with you. Leon Festinger Social comparison. .. you see yourself according to who you can compare yourself to. Example: Guy (pfft, could be a girl too) working out and building up muscle and then goes to LA where there are guys that look like former versions of Arnold Schwartzy then you think “oh noesssss! me so tiny” Job that is advertised as office manager. .. You come in and are handed some forms to fill out. .. in one scenario you are randomly assigned a real competent guy with his fancy mac products and in the other scenario you have a slacker in sweatpants. .. you fill out a self esteem form and your esteem is higher around the sweaty dude than Mr. Mac. Upward social comparison and downward social comparison Self Perception Theory Daryl Bem You may have no idea what you believe or what your attitude is in a given domain and under that circumstance, you have to infer what your qualities are. In order to make judgments about yourself you have to make inferences about yourself.
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Day+17+-+Depression - Sources of Self Knowledge - Modeling...

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