Day+19+-+Depression+and+Stress - Self Schema Auto Thoughts...

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Unformatted text preview: Self Schema Auto Thoughts --> Cognitive Distortions --> Depression Online thoughts/feelings provide target for intervention. Beck- Monitoring thoughts, treat these relatively automatic thoughts as hypothesis about self and world... as guesses about what might be going on. De-centering Not everything that s happening is about you. If someone doesn t show up for a date they didn t stand you up... maybe they just fell out of a tree while being hit by lightning as a plane fell on their head. It s not you, it s them. Practice alternative ways of thinking that are incompatible with your way of thought. Alternative interpretation of reality that is not so hideous. Strength of interconnection between various elements constitutes schema. As you practice positive thoughts , the strength of connection between links are weakened so that there is less in the way of automatic activation of negative ideas and a potential restructuring. Permeability of structure begins to change, it s less rigid. New set of ideas inhibit schema. In one case long term memory structure is changing, in the other case you are acquiring a new set of ideas The newer things you have learned/are doing... when under stress it s the newer stuff that tends to break down instead of the old habits. Relational Interventions Interpersonal Theories of Depression Look at closest relationships and dynamics that might be contributing to what you re experiencing. Myrna Weissman Created manualized approach to interpersonal relations in depression....
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Day+19+-+Depression+and+Stress - Self Schema Auto Thoughts...

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