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Lecture Notes: 04 – 14- 10 When people are engaged in rumination or emotion-focused coping, they usually think they need to do this in order to figure out what is the right thing for them to do, why do these happen to you, what your emotions tell you about what’s happening in your life The intuition that you must do this: is not correct! Women are more likely to be depressed than men are because they ruminate and they trust this intuition. Isn’t it good sometimes to introspect – know/understand what I feel/think might be valuable? – Yes and No Are there circumstances that make introspection upon your internal states (thoughts, feelings, plans, needs, concerns) that might make it useful vs. counterproductive for you? Shelley Taylor - Mental simulation More about looking into a future situation that you are about to encounter (to a degree, that’s what worry is about) Way of coping that can be a mental rehearsal for a performance you may have to engage in at some time. Example: You may believe that you don’t need to practice for a one-minute speech, however depending on your anxiety level, you could blank out, and not be able to do what you normally could do. Therefore, you always practice/run through at least one time Taylor suggests something akin to that EXCEPT it’s all mental. Practice thinking about getting up in the morning, practicing your notes, walking down the stairs, putting down your notes etc. It is an effective coping strategy – proactive mental rehearsal that can be extremely helpful. Oettingen - Fantasy Theory Interested in the question: people who really want a good outcome to occur; cuts to the chase – let me just imagine myself at the end. ex. Instead of all of the things, incredible hard work you may need to put in to
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Day+20+-+Stress+contd+(Second+Version) - Lecture Notes 04...

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