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Day+21+-+Stress+and+Competence - April 19th 2010 The closer...

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The closer you can get to an instrument that closer incorporates the situation, the more predictive validity you will have. Spider phobia - Hyper vigilance to particular kinds of cues that are related to spiders... bugs, insects (but particularly spiders) Panic Disorder - going about normal business, there is no particular situational cue but suddenly you start feeling dizzy, think you re going to faint/die/have a heart attack. At by definitional there doesn t seem to be a cue provoking this. As your stress level and heart rate goes up, your breathing rate goes up, you take breaths that are less deep and are not holding on to the oxygen. Dog sleeping, tummy goes up and down - certain peace that goes with peaceful breathing -- The out breath stays out for a while. In Panic Disorder, you have hyper ventilation , short shallow breaths -- dizziness and other symptoms that make you feel like you re having a stroke/attack. You don t think rationally, instead you start catastrophizing “I m having a heart attack, I m going to faint in front of all of these people, I m losing my mind” -- cycle. Related to the situational issue Hyper Attentiveness Bodily Function Anxiety Sensitivity : Hyper attentive to small changes in body that involve arousal. If you place these people in a predicament where they will experience states like that (exercise for example - up your heart rate) Those who have anxiety sensitivity are more likely to feel a panic disorder picking up. Internal/Bodily State that involves arousal. Diathesis Stress Model for Depression -- In a sense the anxiety sensitivity is a predetermined vulnerable factor. The cue is an internal stressor. Internal stressor + predetermined factor --> can produce panic disorder. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Provoked by exposure to some intense trauma (if you were in the World Trade Center when the planes hit, anything with the context of war) Not everyone exposed to trauma will acquire PTSD, but some do. You can be exposed vicariously or being in the center
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