Day+22+-+Competence - April 21st Competence literature tied...

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Competence literature tied to achievement literature. Are you capable of doing well in achievement settings or in any setting that requires you to perform in some manner. Historically, literatures like Need for Achievement If you have a high need for achievement you are more likely to enter into situations that are more demanding. Rather than choosing the easy situation, you will chose something more difficult but in the range of difficulty that it will give you some information. (Has to be within your range of capability) Achievement people and Learned Helplessness people were using the same paradigm. How you cope with setbacks/failures They not only came up with the same procedure but also the same moderating variables. Learned Helplessness - problematic attributional style Achievement Literature - what kinds of attributions might you make about the failure, or about a success, that would best facilitate your improved concentration, heightened confidence level. If you make external attributions for your failure that will be less bad than if you make internal attributions for your failure. If you have the tendency to blame external things for your failures that can be problematic too. You can teach yourself the idea that unnaturalness in the world is the natural state of affairs. If you failed you should make an internal attribution AS LONG as it s unstable. “I just didn t out out the kind of effort that I could have invested. I allowed my mood to take over” Unstable is good because you can control it. Overwriting factor is whether or not you are in charge of these factors to which you are attributing these factors. If you
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Day+22+-+Competence - April 21st Competence literature tied...

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