Day+23+-+Revisitng+Freud+and+Protective+Processes -...

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Unformatted text preview: Traumatic Experiences are not reality but it is a psychosexual confict having to do with a motivation to get rid oF [psychosexual] confict -- pain, the sense oF being threatened. Core oF Freud ’ s unconscious: motivation to get rid oF. 1. Content oF unconscious = negative stuFF... motivated to push out oF awareness. 2. Unaware oF having pushed it out oF awarenexicss. 3. Were not consciously/intentionally trying to push it out oF awareness, it was just something that happened. 4. Psychosexual Confict 5. Characterize your entire personality in the end. Self Protective Processes . 1. Mind can engage in a process whereby you are engaging in selF protected maneuvers mentally. Self Serving Biases , ego-“defensive”, self-enhancing, self- protective biases. When people get negative Feedback about themselves, receive any threatening inFormation about the selF, it sets into motion processes which bolster/enhance the selF. People respond diFFerently to negative inFormation to the selF rather than positive inFormation. Get rid oF threat by diffusing . People process negative inFormation diFFerent than they do positive inFormation....
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Day+23+-+Revisitng+Freud+and+Protective+Processes -...

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