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Day+25+-+Last+Class - ’ re in a romantic relationship...

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- Dehumanization - Terms of talking about person less than human. - Milgram experiment with shocks. - De-individuation - Extent to which your own identity is hidden/invisible to the outside. - Put on a uniform, your individuality is not standing out. - Power of authority/group becomes much more pronounced. - Diffusion of Responsibility High Authoritarian more aggressive to disadvantaged Low Authoritarian Right-wing Authoritarianism Whether or not you will be willing or able to think carefully and critically about what you re doing and to chose to say no Transference is more likely to occur in people who are high in need for closure. Closure meaning to come to a quick conclusion, to proceed quickly. Prison experiment Phil Zimbardo Temptation to make Fundamental Attributional Error. What are the exotic brainwashing gimmicks that the leader must have used? Although there may be certain vulnerability factors, there are mundane social factors everyday that influence you. Somebody you
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Unformatted text preview: ’ re in a romantic relationship that turns into spousal abuse with or joining a law firm but maybe they ’ re going to lure you into doing unethical acts Time Pressure, ie: need for closure. Able to wall you off from previous sources of social support. People around you who remind you of who you are. .. not there. Cults - not allowed to hang out with previous friends/parents Sanctions/punishments for not adhering to shared perspective. Ostracized if you wear strange clothes that others don ’ t wear -- happens in mundane life but it is a powerful tool of manipulation. Controlling information to which you ’ re exposed. Praise, inclusion, touch, belonging. .. giving you the feeling that we have a lot in common. Stepping aside so you can maintain your own internal barometer and chose to say no. My 3rd 2010 Choices are extremely expensive because they cost you everything else you ’ re not choosing. Retain capacity to navigate through life. My 3rd 2010...
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Day+25+-+Last+Class - ’ re in a romantic relationship...

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