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George Kelly’s Psychology of Personal Constructs Constructs are used to make sense of the world, to try to predict events, and essentially to build one’s terrain map of the world and how to function within it. The Person’s Constructs and Personality o Personal Construct Theory: tries to see how the person sees and aligns events on his or her own dimensions. - Seeks to illuminate the person’s own constructs rather than the hypotheses of the psychologist. - Different people may construe the same event differently and every event can be construed in alternative ways. Characteristics of Personal Constructs o Bipolar : pair of characteristics that are psychological opposites for the person, not necessarily logical opposites. - Ex. “logically” ; aggressive vs. un-aggressive “personally” ; aggressive vs. weak o Emergent Pole : the side of the construct that is applied in a characterization - Ex. “my father is aggressive.” o Implicit Pole : the side that was not applied - Ex. the opposite of “aggressive,” whatever that may be for an individual You can’t know what another person means unless you find out; don’t assume you know what only the construct’s user knows. Constructs vary with regard to other characteristics; Permeability o Highly permeable construct is one into which a wide range of information can fit o Impermeable construct implies that unless the person or behavior characterized fits a relatively narrow range, it can’t be “good” (e.g. must be consistent with one’s own faith) Exploring Personal Constructs o Role Construct Repertory Test (“Rep Test”): Kelly’s operation for measuring a construct - Asked to list many people/things that are important to you. -
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George+Kelly+(chp+12)+pt2 - Chapter 12 Pages 312 to 322...

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