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Operant (Instrumental) Conditioning Provides another foundation for understanding the role of experience and learning for the development of personality; most influential behaviorist, B.F. Skinner How It Works Behavior is modified by its consequences. The outcome of any response (or pattern of responses = operants), determines how likely that similar response will be performed in the future. If response has reinforcing (positive) consequences, organism is more likely to perform it again in similar situations. Skinner’s Basic Approach We can only know people through examining their behavior Stimulus control: concept that the stimulus controls the response Basic unit = observed behavior Interest = specifying the conditions and stimuli/situations that ‘control’ it Importance Of The Situation Particular importance to the role of stimuli and situations in the regulation of behavior, including behaviors indicative of personality. Behavior maybe predicted simply from knowledge about relevant conditions (ex. “normal” people treated like patients in a mental hospital; 261, last paragraph) Rejection Of Inferred Motives Motives tell little unless it is defined objectively and unless causes of the motive itself are established Refuse to posit specific motivations for behavior; rather, try to discover the
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Operant+Conditioning+(chp+10)+pt2 - Chapter 10 Pages 259 to...

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