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Reading 10- Miller -the importance of control to reduce stress is discussed The Internality Hypothesis states that people choose control because it improves a negative outcome by enabling people to present stimuli to themselves to fluctuations or changes in their moods, making the outcome less negative. *In other words it enables someone to match his or her internal state with external events. -The Minimax hypothesis states similar things except that controllability reduces stress by providing a guaranteed “upper limit” on how negative the event can become.
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Unformatted text preview: *They want to minimize the maximum negativity. *The Minimax hypothesis states also that people give up control when one is uncertain if she can execute the response to produce the outcome. *When someone is uncertain that said response will lead to the outcome and when they have to discover the response that leads to the outcome. -Finally, Miller states that people with control attribute the relief to an internal cause while people without control attribute to a less stable, external one....
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