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Assignment #1 - 3330 - F2010 - Internet

Assignment #1 - 3330 - F2010 - Internet - AP/ADMS 3330 Fall...

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AP/ADMS 3330 Fall 2010 Assignment #1 Assignment Instructions (please read carefully) 1. While we encourage study groups and brainstorming, assignments are to be done on an individual basis. They are NOT group work. Please review the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty at the following URL: http://www.yorku.ca/secretariat/policies/document.php?document=69 2. Penalties for infractions such as cheating and/or plagiarism are severe and will be enforced. 3. Assignments are to be typed on the computer using statistical analysis programs and word processing programs (i.e. Word and Excel). 4. Your name and student number must be on every page of your assignment. 5. One cover page for the assignment should be included, not a cover page for each section. The cover page has been created for you and is found along with this assignment on the course website (“Assignment_Cover_Page.doc”). Please use this as your first page for your assignment file as instructed in the file. 6. 10 or 11 font should be used (Times New Roman or Arial for the font type). 7. Pages are to be numbered in a “number of number” format (i.e. 3 of 10, 4 of 10). 8. Assignments should be organized by question. That means every piece of information for that question is found in the same section of the report. If I have to look for it, it is not organized. 9. Assignments are due as per the date indicated on the course outline; late assignments will NOT be accepted.
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