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Web Assign Ch8 HW2 f10 (Homework) Ashlyn Baum Physics 303K, section B, Fall 2010 Instructor: Jim Chelikowsky Current Score : 21 / 21 Due : Wednesday, November 3, 2010 11:30 PM CDT 1. 2/2 points Question: MI3 8.3.X.019 The Franck-Hertz experiment involved shooting electrons into a low-density gas of mercury atoms and observing discrete amounts of kinetic energy loss by the electrons. Suppose instead a similar experiment is done with a very cold gas of atomic hydrogen, so that all of the hydrogen atoms are initially in the ground state. If the kinetic energy of an electron is 11.3 eV just before it collides with a hydrogen atom, how much kinetic energy will the electron have just after it collides with and excites the hydrogen atom? K final = 1.1 eV 2. 3/3 points Question: MI3 8.4.X.009 Suppose a collection of quantum harmonic oscillators occupies the lowest 4 energy levels, and the spacing between levels is 0.06 eV. What is the complete emission spectrum for this system? That is, what photon energies will appear in the emissions? Include all energies, whether or not they fall in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Enter the photon energies in order of increasing energy. Smallest photon energy = 0.06
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ch 8 hw 2 - Ch8 HW2 f10 Page 1 of 5 WebAssign Ch8 HW2 f10...

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