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Web Assign Ch4 HW2 f10 (Homework) Ashlyn Baum Physics 303K, section B, Fall 2010 Instructor: Jim Chelikowsky Current Score : 17 / 19 Due : Sunday, September 26, 2010 11:30 PM CDT 1. 1/1 points Question: MI3 4.6.X.033 If a chain of 45 identical short springs linked end-to-end has a stiffness of 290 N/m, what is the stiffness of one short spring? k s = 13050 N/m 2. 1/1 points Question: MI3 4.6.X.035 30 identical springs are placed side-by-side (in parallel), and connected to a large massive block. The stiffness of the 30 -spring combination is 13800 N/m. What is the stiffness of one of the individual springs? k s = 460 N/m 3. 8/8 points Question: MI3 4.6.P.049 One mole of iron (6 10 23 atoms) has a mass of 56 grams, and its density is
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Unformatted text preview: 7.87 grams per cubic centimeter, so the center-to-center distance between atoms is 2.28 10-10 m. You have a long thin bar of iron , 2.5 m long, with a square cross section, 0.13 cm on a side. You hang the rod vertically and attach a 176 kg mass to the bottom, and you observe that the bar becomes 1.28 cm longer. From these measurements, it is possible to determine the stiffness of one interatomic bond in iron . The due date for this assignment is past. Your work can be viewed below, but no changes can be made. View Key Page 1 of 1 Ch4 HW2 f10 11/21/2010 http:[email protected][email protected] .....
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