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How will you apply the knowledge you have gained about effective business communication in your current or future job and college courses? One of the best tools I have gain from this nine week experience is the knowledge of recognizing effective business communication. Being able to recognize what effective business communication is means that I am able to know if my communication is effective in business. This will benefit me at my place of business because with this knowledge I will generally say the right things at the right times. Knowing how to use inclusive language means that I will never make a co-worker feel as if I feel they don’t deserve the position that their put in. The grammar exercises refreshed a lot of grammatical rules that I had forgot over the years. These little rules will make my writings look more professional because I’m using correct grammar. The use and the recognition of tones in writings will help in business greatly. Knowing how some words change the tone of writing will keep me from sending paperwork that may
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