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Review of Lectures 20 – 22 Huilin Li [email protected] Please remember: This is only a guide. You are responsible for the entire content of the lectures delivered in class
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– Basic structure and physical property of Fatty acids. – How FA is stored and transported inside and outside the cell. – Know the differences among different lipoproteins (CM, LDL, HDL, et al. .) – Know how the phospholipase works • Lecture‐21 FA breakdown – Know where FA breakdown occurs and how FA gets there. – Know how FA is activated for breakdown. – Major enzymes and mechanisms for beta oxidation and ATP production. – Ketone bodies. Function and biosynthesis. • Lecture‐22: Fatty Acid Biosynthesis – Biosynthesis: names of enzymes and compounds. No structures for intermediates required, but understand how it works. – Know the major differences between the fatty acid synthesis and breakdown – Structure and Mechanism for fatty acid synthase. – How to transport Acetyl‐CoA out of mitochondria.
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Review-Lect-20-22-2010 - HuilinLi [email protected]..

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