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Chapter 20 Questions 11. Photovaltaic cells work because solar energy striking their surface RELEASES ELECTRONS CAUSING AN ELECTRIC POTENTIAL IN ATTACHED WIRES 12. Plants store solar energy by CREATING CHEMICAL BONDS OF SUGAR MOLECULES 13. In the U.S. and Canada the most common problem with using wood as a heat source IS THE PRODUCTION OF POLLUTANTS 14. Burning methane from dung is ALL OF THESE (more efficient releases more heat dung as fertilizer) 15. Since the 1920s hydropower production HAS RISEN BUT NOT AS FAST AS
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Unformatted text preview: FOSSIL FUEL USE 16. Siltation and decreased water quality are especially significant problems with HUGE DAMS ON MAJOR RIVERS 17. In the U.S. windmills played a critical role in the settlement of THE GREAT PLAINS 18. Geothermal energy uses NATURALLY OCCURRING HOT GROUNDWATER to produce usable heat or electricity 19. Tidal power stations operate by using TURBINES THAT SPIN IN THE FLOW OF TIDE WATER 20. Ocean thermal electric conversion systems would operate best in WARM DEEP TROPICAL SEAS...
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