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Chapter 19 Quiz Questions 15. Oil wells are usually able to extract 30 TO 40% of the petroleum present in an oil reservoir. 16. Secondary recovery techniques are ways to FORCE MORE OIL OUT OF A DRYING WELL 17. Oil and shale and tar sand are examples of UNCONVENTIONAL oil 18. Methane from animal waste is an example of BOTH UNCONVENTIONAL GAS RESOURCES AND BY-PRODUCT OF HUMAN ACTIVITIES ARE TRUE 19. Interest in nuclear power as a major world energy source WAS STRONG IN THE 1905S BUT HAS SINCE FADED 20. Which of the following statements regarding nuclear energy is true? DECOMMISIONING A NUCLEAR POWER PLANT COSTS UP TO TEN TIMES AS MUCH AS BUILDING IT 21. Uranium fuel is EXTENSIVELY PROCESSED TO CLEAN AND PURIFY IT before it can be put into a reactor 22. A fuel assembly in a nuclear power plant consists of ABOUT 100 PELLET FILLED
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Unformatted text preview: RODS BUNDLED TOGETHER 23. Nuclear fission occurs when a high-energy subatomic particle a neutron strikes a uranium atom releases energy and RELEASES NEUTRONS 24. Control rods in a nuclear reactor are used to ABSORB NEUTRONS 25. The most likely disaster in a nuclear plant is that COOLING SYSTEMS COULD FAIL CAUSING RAPID OVERHEATING 26. Most nuclear plants in the United States use PRESSURIZED WATER AND STEAM to cool fuel rods and run turbines 27. Radioactive waste dumping in oceans has been CONTINUED BY THE SOVIET GOVERNMENT UNTIL VERY RECENTLY 28. Nuclear waste storage in the U.S. is handled IN TEMPORARY STORAGE AT INDIVIDUAL PLANTS 29. Yucca Mountain Nevada is the site of a PROPOSED NUCLEAR WASTE REPOSITORY 30. Nuclear fusion is IDEAL BUT SO FAR UNACHIEVABLE technology...
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