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Nestor 1 Trevor Nestor A Brief Overview of Identity and the Historical Folly of Mankind Throughout the ages, mankind has been plagued with the tendency to group people into social categories based on personal creed, appearance, or ethnic background, and prematurely judge them accordingly. The creation of social barriers is the direct result of this act, causing the formation of a multitude of “cultural cliques” where members feel comfortable surrounded by people with similar customs, traditions or likenesses. Cultural preferences and prejudice are the basis of racism, intolerance, and even animosity. The people of today now have a decision to make; to view others through one’s own cultural lens, or to view others as fellow human beings, having the same natural rights, needs, and obligations to others and to society as a whole. The act of racism, intolerance, and ethnic animosity inevitably lead to a bleak future and disunited world. Ultimately, who you are is not where you come from, yet where you come from can influence who you are, and the heterogeneous mixture of individuals that make up humanity bring flavor and feeling to an otherwise bleak and colorless society. Personal Identity is the compilation of all significant factors that differentiate individuals; a direct manifestation of genetics, the environment, and the way individuals choose to interact in an environment.
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Identity is a tool used to identify, to distinguish, to bring meaning to the individual, and to make the otherwise unnoticeable noticeable. Without identity, we do not exist but as just a single blob that is mankind, much as the ants or the bees that have no sense of self, but live only as a single unit working for the common purpose of existence. They do not exist as individuals. They exist only as a group; a single body. Identity is in part an artificial construct of the imagination. Who one is can be determined in the way that one views himself. Both consciously and unconsciously one warps his mannerisms to fit the way he sees himself. The architect of identity is the mind, and although identity is influenced by genetics and the environment, these factors can be overcome regardless of the magnitude of their impact in one’s life. In the weak and the unmotivated man, the impact of genetics and the environment become more prominent. The roots of purpose hold an individual in a state of identity that is firm and unmoving in the wind, which is both genetics and the environment. A new child has no ambitions or personal purpose; these things are developed later by desire and convictions. This is why a person’s early years are so influential to the rest of his own life.
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AnOverviewofIdentity - Nestor 1 Trevor Nestor A Brief...

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