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applicationscout - Full legal name Trevor Alexander Nestor...

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Full legal name : Trevor Alexander Nestor Unit type and # : Boy Scout Troop 689 Current Rank : Life Scout (Awaiting Eagle) Date of Birth : August 2 nd , 1992 Phone number : (805) 527-6888 Home address : 390 Pellburne Court, Simi Valley, California, 93065 Email address : [email protected] 1. What badges and awards are you working on, or have you worked on related to engineering and/or aerospace? I earned the Space Exploration Merit Badge. To obtain this badge, I toured the Vandenberg Airforce Base, made and launched model rockets. I also recently completed my Eagle Scout project. My project consisted of building concrete pads underneath benches at my school to replace brick that had come loose and become a tripping hazard. I personally drafted plans, got approval, and led a small team to complete the construction project. 2. What did you enjoy the best about the badges and awards you worked on? While earning my Space Exploration Merit Badge, I enjoyed experimenting with different model rocket designs and exploring what engineers and technicians do firsthand. While executing my Eagle Scout project, I enjoyed leading others and accomplishing what others might deem too difficult a task for any High School student. 3. Why are you interested in aerospace engineering, engineering, and/or aerospace? I have always loved science. When I was younger, even in Kindergarten, I knew that I wanted to be a “scientist,” but didn’t really know what sort of science to pursue; it didn’t seem to be important. Back then, all disciplines of science appeared to be one and the same (I didn’t realize that I would eventually have to pick a specific field). I did what I could to learn as much as possible about science. For example; in elementary school, I read my mother’s college biology books, joined Mad Science Club (this is not
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the same club that I started and am currently president of), asked questions, brought home library books about science theories, rummaged through my grandfather’s junk to save parts, and finally, I took things apart. I developed a parts drawer that I
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applicationscout - Full legal name Trevor Alexander Nestor...

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