Calorimetry_lab_hand - Chemistry CALORIMETRY Mr Thaler Introduction You will be determining the molar heat of solution Hsoln for a variety of

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Chemistry Mr. Thaler CALORIMETRY Introduction: You will be determining the molar heat of solution ( H soln ) for a variety of salts (ionic compounds), to be announced in class. The following is some useful information and a RECOMMENDED procedure. Your objective is to calculate the enthalpy changes (in kJ/ mol ) for each of three (3) different salts that you choose to dissolve. H = q (at constant pressure) q sur or water = m x C x T , where m = mass of distilled water (density = 1.00 g/mL), C = specific heat of water = 4.184J / g o C, and T is determined experimentally ( T f _ T i ). q rxn = q sur Recommended procedure: (Remember, your Methodology must reflect what YOU did—i.e., the amount of each substance that YOU used, etc. The following procedure is merely RECOMMENDED.) Clean and dry a calorimeter and stirrer. CAREFULLY insert a thermometer through the rubber stopper, if not already done for you. (Applying a small amount of soap to the tip of the thermometer helps.) Add about 50 mL of distilled water to a graduated cylinder; record the precise volume to
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