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Trevor Nestor Period 1 “Modern Marvels Dams” Video Write-Up Dams block rivers, provide enough energy to power cities, help move water for miles to irrigate cropland, block flooding, and demonstrate the economic prowess of nations. Although dam building has many benefits and is responsible for about twenty percent of the world’s energy, in many places dams do not exist without cost, and, in some places, estimates show that more money has been spent repairing and reclaiming than reaped through benefits. There are an estimates 900,000 dams worldwide, but most are small in size.There are about 300 “mega dams” that are hundreds of feet high. In the 1930’s, dams in the United States became symbols of progress and were celebrated. Grand Coule Dam is the largest dam in the United States. In spite of dams’ significance, no more dams of this scale will be built in the United States. Other countries took note of dams built in the United States and followed these examples. The Three Gorge Dam in China on the Yangtze River (the third largest river in the world), when finished, will exceed all other dams in size and hydroelectric power output. Eighteen million kilowatts (the equivalent of eighteen nuclear power plants) will be produced when the dam is completed, enough
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damswriteup - Trevor Nestor Period 1 Modern Marvels Dams...

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