discrimination - Statistics continually show that...

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Statistics continually show that minorities (besides those of Asian descent) continually do worse on academic tests and tend to be low on the economic scale. Advocates of minority aid and affirmative action often reference these statistics as ample evidence for the need to exclusively help minorities get into colleges while helping them pay for it. The basis for this reasoning is in basic philosophic theory. This theory states that: 1.) Promotion should be a direct result of merit; not on preference, bias, or on any other basis and 2.) Equal opportunity should exist to obtain merit Based upon statistics, it seems as though it is more probable for a black male to suffer economic hardships than a white male. Advocates of minority aid often argue that in American society today there is not equal opportunity among the different races to obtain merit based upon data and statistical evidence and therefore minorities groups should be aided. This seems to be a logical argument, yet it is a logical fallacy. This argument is the basis for all endorsement for the concept of minority aid (and of course bais due to personal gain, though endorsement of an argument based upon this is strictly unscrupulous). (Bear with me; I know it is long) Here is why this is a logical fallacy: There are two groups of people in the world; the HAVES and the HAVE-NOTS. Though the HAVE-NOTS wish to go to college, they cannot afford it because they are born into poverty or because their circumstances do not permit it. Minority group members are more likely to be born into the HAVE-NOT category, yet there are a significant amount of minority members who are in the HAVES category (and have gotten there through their own effort and ambition I might add). There are also a significant number of majority members in the HAVE-NOT category. It is clear that the second philosophic principle that I mentioned (Equal opportunity should exist to obtain merit) remains unmet because many are born into poverty and live under circumstances that they do not deserve. The purpose of minority aid is to help the HAVE-NOTS; those who were born in poverty or under unfavorable circumstances and thus might not consider college or even afford it. However, instead of directly helping those in the HAVE-NOT category, minority aiders take a back route that bypasses a significant amount of people in the HAVE-NOT category (those who are not in minority groups). Thus, the same philosophic principle that is the basis for the argument for minority aid (Equal
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discrimination - Statistics continually show that...

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