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Trevor Nestor Period 4 Dubliners Essay (Prompt 1 for stories “The Sisters,” “The Death,” and “An Encounter”) Throughout James Joyce’s book Dubliners , there are religious allusions, symbols, and objects because religion was an integral part of Dublin society in the early 1900’s, and through references to religion, James Joyce develops his opinions towards it and paints an accurate picture of Dublin through his personal lens at the same time. In “The Sisters,” the story begins to circulate around Father Flynn, a family priest who dies. Though Father Flynn’s death and circumstances are shrouded in ambiguity, readers learn that Father Flynn is a paralytic and begins to act strangely, perhaps due to a mental disorder. Father Flynn’s first strange act is that he tends to smile with his tongue out, showing his discolored teeth. The narrator of the story expresses that he initially feels uncomfortable with this, yet learns to ignore it after becoming more acquainted with Father Flynn. The reasoning behind this is unclear; it has been suggested that perhaps Father Flynn had feelings for the boy that were unnatural. If this is the case, than this would most likely have been used by Joyce as part of his sharp criticism of hypocrisy within the church and of Christianity in general. Father Flynn’s second strange act is dropping a chalice during mass. The chalice
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dublinersessay - Trevor Nestor Period 4 Dubliners Essay...

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