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Trevor Nestor Period 1 “Modern Marvels Environmental Tech” Video Writeup At the FedEx Regional Sort Facility in Oakland, California, solar light is actively collected to provide electricity needed to sort 85 million packages per year; that’s around 450,000-500,000 kilowatt hours of electricity used each month. 81,000 square feet of roof space is used to house photovoltaic solar arrays (5,700 solar modules or 300,000 silicon cells) from Sharp Solar Company to provide abundant energy, especially during times when utility energy is the highest; midday. Although the solar array does not provide all of the facility’s electricity (80%), it drastically reduces its carbon footprint and has economic benefits over time. With a 25 year guaranteed life, 10,800 tons of carbon dioxide emissions will be offset; the equivalent of removing 2,100 cars from the road. Solar energy is highly abundant and photovoltaic cells covering only 10% of Nevada’s landmass could theoretically meet all of the United States’ energy needs. Using solar thermal energy to heat living spaces is an ancient practice. The Anasazi Indians were known for having buildings on sides of mountain structures in order to shade during the summer, but capture maximum sunlight in the winter. The Greeks are also known for having designed buildings that took advantage of solar thermal energy in the same way. The Romans took this a step further and designed greenhouse
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environmentaltechwriteup - Trevor Nestor Period 1 Modern...

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