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Designing a Reward System 1

Designing a Reward System 1 - 1 Designing a Reward System...

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1 Designing a Reward System Ingrid Harris-Noble HSM/220 May 2, 2010 Angela Flowers
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2 Reward System Motivation is defined in the dictionary as the act or instance of motivating, but more than half of the work place complains about they are not motivated about their job. Is it because they do not have a passion for their work? Or, is it because there is no reward system for a job well done? A study was done to determine the factors that employees found to be the most important to them: respect as a person, good pay, chance to turn out quality work, chance for promotion, opportunity to do interesting work, feeling my job is important, being told by my boss when I do a good job, opportunity for self-development and improvement, and large amounts of freedom on the job. With that being said, motivation only appeared from a few of the answers answered. So, if I was the boss how would one address those nine request employees found: 1) how one would incorporate a reward system not entirely based on how long one has been with the company? If you did a good job on a project one deserves to be rewarded accordingly. 2) Thank employees personally, not by giving then a generic company card that says “Thank You”. 3) As the employee proves him/herself to the boss allow the employee freedom to complete task at their own leisure (but in a timely manner). Not only will it ensure that all basic needs are met but also competitive benefits, equal distribution of benefits, and employees will be treated as individuals not a number. What keeps employees happy in the workforce? I bet they’ll tell you “incentives.” According to Incentive Performance Center (2008)” U.S. organizations spend over $100 billion annually on incentive programs.” An incentive is a tangible award that is earned by reaching a
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Designing a Reward System 1 - 1 Designing a Reward System...

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