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Indian /Southeast Asian Art 10.7.09 1. Buddhism a. Siddhartha Gautama i. Prophesized to become a king or prophet ii. Tried ascetism => live very meagerly  b. Four noble truths + eight fold path c. Spread of Buddhism i. Spread through silk trading routes 2. Hinduism a. Spread by ruling monarchs b. ‘described as a way of life and nothing more’ 3. Great Stupa at Sanchi a. Burial mound b. Railings enclose the perimeter of the Dome 4. Dharmaraja Ratha at Mamallapuram a. Southern style temple b. Never hallowed out 
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Kandariya Mahadeva Temple a. Northern Style 6. Mudras => Hand Signs a. Dharmachakra Mudra – gesture of teaching b. Dhyana mudra – meditation c. Vitarka mudra – intellectual debate d. Abhaya mudra – have no fear e. Bhumisparsha mudra – earth to witness Buddha’s enlightenment f. Varada mudra – fulfillment of all wishes 7. Shiva Nataraja a. Each hand has its own symbolism b. Ring of fire – destruction 8....
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