10.13.09 - a Qin dynasty ~210bce => imperial era i China...

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10.13.09 Ancient China 1. Bowl => 5000-4000 BCE a. Found near yellow rivier ~ ‘banco bowl’ b. Fish = important => fish imprinted in bowl c. Center has boat(?) ~ has hull and sail… repeated i. Possibly a face…? d. Writing around edges 2. Carving  a. Found in ‘tomb’ b. Faces carved in it c. Connecting material world to spiritual world 3. Fang ding – bronze a. Found in tomb b. 2ft tall ~ 240lbs c. Shang dynasty d. Has elk/deer carved in side e. Motif of animals -> hunting…? 4. Chinese characters => page from a book. a. Writing develops into a system b. Shang dynasty c. Appear on animals => turtle shells, hides 5. The Mausoleum of the First Emperor => the stone army
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Unformatted text preview: a. Qin dynasty ~210bce => imperial era i. China becomes unified b. Each soldier is unique c. Life-size sculptures 6. Painted Silk Banner a. Han dynasty b. Depicts a ‘heaven realm’, ‘human realm’, and ‘underworld’ i. As well as others c. Dragons + serpents 7. Bronze incense burner with gold details ~10inches tall a. Ocean waves => gold details b. Forest…? Figures…? c. Fairy mountan 8. Clay model => a. Layered with roofs => ‘stacking’ i. Bracketing system 9. Temple ~8 th century CE 10. Wild Goose Bogoda a. Buddhist temple b. Stuppa – round pile, carved inside 11....
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10.13.09 - a Qin dynasty ~210bce => imperial era i China...

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