10.19.09 - 7. Zinc/Brass – King Head a. Ife culture b....

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10.19.09 Prehistory to the modern era Africa 1. Stone with carvings a. ~3in long, 70,000BCE b. Iron-ore => possibly for painted the body… drawing on walls…? i. Shows they were interested in communication 2. Rock wall painting => cows a. ~5000-2000BCE b. Figurative drawing comes into play i. Story about how they lived => documenting lifestyle c. In cave ‘apollo 11’ d. Understanding perspective e. Animals aren’t uniform => variations 3. Rock wall painting => hunter…? a. South Africa mountains b. Using a gun…? i. Possibly a colonial story c. Painted with blood of the antelope…? i. Use blood to show the hunt 4. Terracotta Head a. Nok culture => Nigerian 5. Ig bop Vase a. 1 ft high… 9-10 th  century b. Used to carry water c. Buried with the dead i. Ceremonial use 6. Terracotta vase a. 13-14 th  century b. Ife culture c. Intentionally broken for ceremonial purposes i. 3faces + 2next to it
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Zinc/Brass – King Head a. Ife culture b. Realistic => carved in wax c. Lines on face => show how face would have been decorated d. Top of head => has holes and on base of head => prob used to decorate 8. Terracotta Head a. 1200-1300 b. Is it a portrait or idealization? 9. The Queen Mother a. Ivory, iron, copper b. Benin (city) => naturalistic traditions c. Mask attached to a belt 10. Adobe => Straw and clay, Building a. Looks like fortress b. Religious => mosque (Islamic) i. Came in through trade routes 11. Great Zimbabwe a. Bricks, piled together => no mortar i. Carved to do so b. 1200-1400CE c. Possibly a residence for royalty 12. Textile a. Congo region b. Sometimes used at currency c. Used frequently when Europeans came in...
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10.19.09 - 7. Zinc/Brass – King Head a. Ife culture b....

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