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11.4.09 Renaissance I. Humanism 1. Focus on things ‘less divine’ 2. Prospered from the rediscovery of latin and greek texts 3. Sharp contrast to the religious focus of the medieval ages II. Scholasticism 1. Focused on theology, science, mathematics and philosophy 2. Knowledge through tradition 3. Science and math were taken from Arabic and greek sources III. Perspective 1. One point perspective – horizon is the focus (a single point)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Two point perspective – two points to create 3D object i. Seem to loom over person ii. Giotto – first to use this style a. Did not completely understand concept yet iii. Masolino – used many points for art a. Used many points to converge to one point b. Had all background objects to one point as well iv. Use of geometry to create the 3D space creates an “accurate” picture IV....
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