5.26.10 - ⌐ same as earnings • tells about profits...

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5.26.2010 Income statement In order to know the income statement, you need to know the time-frame Balance sheet => moment, income statement => always moving Only time you know if it was profitable => when the business ends Can’t wait till end to see Fiscal year Revenues When should be recognized? => depends ‘earned’ => doesn’t matter when you get paid, but when you did the job Payment that you received is not yet left to keep Increase in asset + increase in sales Expenses Cost incurred in the production of revenue What did we spend to make the sale? If it does not produce revenues, it’s not an expense Pre-paid expense => all assets Buy stuff to make $ Net income = revenues – expenses tells about operations Retained earnings => optional statement Time-frame of statement of retained earnings => period of time
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Unformatted text preview: ⌐ same as earnings • tells about profits Statement of cash flow • Operating activities => best source ⌐ collect from customers ⌐ payments for expenses • investing ⌐ purchase PPE ⌐ sale PPE • financing ⌐ sell stock ⌐ borrow money ⌐ pay loan ⌐ buy back stock ⌐ pay dividends • helps predict future • more debt => higher interest rates • predict financial flexibility ⌐ the ability to meet unexpected needs • tells about cash “full accounting employment act” LLC => limited liability company • Corporation => can’t sue owners… but pays own taxes (double taxation) ⌐ Remainder => to owner (dividends) • Choice: taxed like corporation or like partnership? Cost of goods sold => cost of merchandise sold => expense (only expense without ‘expense’)...
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5.26.10 - ⌐ same as earnings • tells about profits...

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