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Folk Songs - War Songs - Jesse Gold MUS101 Music...

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Jesse Gold MUS101 Music Appreciation Prof. Davis Folk Music War Songs American folk music is an extensive group of music. Also known as ‘root music’, American folk music includes Bluegrass, country music, Cajun, blues, Native American music, as well as much more. Folk music was coined in the 19 th Century as a term for musical folklore: traditions, customs, and superstitions of a certain peoples, usually contrasted with commercial and classical styles of music. Folk music tends to be music that is conveyed by mouth, is considered music of the lower classes and tends to be music with no known composer. Among the varieties of American folk music is a genre of war songs. War songs are musical compositions that either directly relates to war or a general public’s attitudes towards war. These songs may be either anti-war, pro-war, or they may be a description of everyday life for those during wartimes. There are also many diverse categories of
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Folk Songs - War Songs - Jesse Gold MUS101 Music...

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