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Jesse Gold MUS101 Music Appreciation Prof. Davis Popular Music Music, being a form of art, can be expressed in an infinite amount of way. Just as painters are about to use paints, oils, or a variety of other medium to express their artistic vision, musicians use sound to express theirs. However, just as not all painters have the same style, the types of music that one may hear are varied and numerous. Similarly to how artist have evolved throughout the years, so have musicians and the types of music that are popular among the masses. Through the use of different medium (radio, internet, television and more), the different musical styles that are popular among a population tends to differ and expand. Yet, within the past ten years, five types of music have seemed to control the decade’s music. One of the most successful categories of music in recent years is hip-hop. This style of music incorporates the use and elements of rapping, sampling, scratching and beatboxing. Originating in the 1970s, hip-hop has developed into a popular style of music which typically used such instruments as the turntable, synthesizer, drum machine, guitar and piano as well as the vocal use of rapping and beatboxing. The genre had begun its creation within the 1970s when those of African-American, Jamaican, and Latino influences would hold block parties in the Bronx. Hip hop gains its influence ultimately from African music, though is more closely associated with that of African American music. Artists such as Common, Cypress Hill, OutKast, and Mos Def have brought the genre of music into mainstream with their songs which include “Come Close”, “Insane in the Brain”, “Ms. Jackson”, and “Sex, Love & Money” (respectively). Each of these artists represents a different subgenre of hip hop from different areas of the United States. Specifically they are
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Midwest, West Coast, Dirty South, and East Coast (respectively). West Coast hip hop is classified by its large underground scene as well as a focus on lyrical technique. In contrast, East Coast hip hop is known as the ‘first and original form’ of hip hop and is known for its lyrical dexterity. Furthermore, Southern hip hop artists have tended to release their music on
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Term Paper - Jesse Gold MUS101 Music Appreciation Prof...

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